Sunday, 15 January 2012


Bianca Beauchamp - HIGH CLASS PERVERSION- 100 pics

In the past, I have worn hobble dresses only on a few occasions because with gowns and long dresses, I am very very picky. But when I saw this metallic grey hobble dress on Westward Bound's website, I just fell in love with it! Why? Because of the two sliders front zipper . This makes for very interesting and fun play with my restrictive hobble dress! I can decide to have the upper part all closed up and the bottom open to all, or vice-versa and or show some boobies. I can have the bottom part all tighten so it gets difficult to walk or have it more opened so I can show some legs baby! And as you will see, I did play a lot with the dress figuring which way I would prefer! And to get even kinkier fun, at some point, I matched the hobble dress with a Polymorphe hood and short gloves. I love wearing these rubber masks, as I feel they really add a rubber sex doll feel to the whole shooting. And shoe lovers will totally  get a crush on my extremely high 8" high heel shoes!  A classy pervy photo shoot all latex lovers will enjoy to the max!

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