Thursday, 12 January 2012

Bianca Beauchamp - LATEX CONFESSIONS

Bianca Beauchamp - LATEX CONFESSIONS - 105 pics

Recently, I've been doing some photo shoots in various motel rooms. I just love the raunchiness that some rooms have to offer, like this green room I rented for a few hours, at a motel next to a highway. It makes me feel a bit like if I was a kinky star of some type of movies. Not a horror one though. Forget Psycho and the Bates motel! Thatís too crazy for me. No, the rooms Iím looking for I usually find them first on the internet. This time, for this motel room, I knew my Polymorphe lilac see-through blouse paired up with my metallic purple bikini and belt would be a complimentary color to the green tapestry of the wallís room. The mood was perfect for a sexy, lascivious strip tease. Slowly and sensually taking off my latex clothes one by one Iím having an intimate and sensual moment. And youíre more than welcomed to watch.

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