Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Freaky Girl-Girl Rubber Domination

Freaky Girl-Girl Rubber Domination


My name is RubberDoll and I have my own fetish asylum where all the patients serve as my personal rubber-covered playthings.

K-La plague is one of my favorites. She is a cute little goth girl that is sexy as hell, but she has a very bad habit of playing with herself when I leave her alone. After catching her one too many times, I decided it was time to teach her exactly what it means to be a good slut.

So, I put her in a restrictive latex straightjacket and peeled her rubber panties off. Then I grabbed my massive steel dildo and probed deeply into her smoothly shaved snatch. After giving K-La a workout, it was my turn to be pleasured. So, I strapped a dildo gag on her and ordered her to face fuck me until I was satisfied. Just another happy day in RubberDoll's asylum!

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